Age of Comics: the Golden Years board game

Age of Comics: The Golden Years is a worker-placement board game in which you play the role of a fictional comic-book publishing company during the golden age of comics (circa 1938-56).

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Age of Comics: The Golden Years is the first board game about the comic book publishing industry and the first from Lirius Games and designers Sonia Goncalves and Giacomo Cimini.

It features a period inspired design and twenty-four original and uniques covers/cards by artist Laura Guglielmo.

In the game you can allocate your editors (meeple-workers) to hire your creative team and find the right ideas to publish the best comic books across six genres: Horror, Superheroes, Scifi, Crime, Western and Romance.

Battle on the street of Manhattan to get the best newsstands and gather the highest number of fans.

Ticket of NYC subway system in the 40's

Playtest The game

The game can be playtested in person at selected events in Italy (subscribe to our newsletter to be updated about them) and will be available to be pre-ordered via Kickstarter in Spring 2022.

The game can also be currently tried on Tabletop simulator – join our Facebook group or our Discord channel to know more and playtest it – and check our BGG page for a more detailed overview.

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